Kontinents feat. Shusha
Dance All Night

'Dance All Night' is the first EP from Russian/Hungarian duo Kontinents who impress with their sleek production and proficient songwriting. Based in Moscow and Budapest, Peter and Holic (head honcho from Space Walker recordings) combine to create polished Nu-Disco with a warm, lively twist.

Actress/Singer Shusha features on both songs on the EP, her voice and melodies perfectly accompanying the duo's groove-infused instrumentals.


Hard Ton feat. Maxime Duvall
Hot Line

Nang returns with the hot scintillating sounds of Italy's Hard Ton, DJ Wawashi and heavy metal singer Max. The 'larger than life' disco duo are no strangers to the world of nu-disco with releases appearing on Permanent Vacation, Toy Tonic and many more. Their sound is a combination of raunchy disco grooves fused with acid basslines, HI-NRG balanced against Sylvester-esque falsetto vocals and a nostalgia inducing use of futuristic sound FX. The release sees Hard Ton's single "Hot Line" remixed by Nang favourites Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca, Leo Mas & Fabrice and NY legend, Man Parrish finishing things off.