DJ Rocca

Italian producer and musician DJ Rocca (AKA Luca Roccatagliati) is back on Nang. Rocca has been around the dance music block a few times; having collaborated with the likes of Howie B, Zed Bias, Daniele Baldelli and Jazzanova. He has also remixed a whole host of artists such as Oliver Koletzki, Luke Solomon, Blaze and even Flock of Seagulls. Now our friend gets his own spotlight to shine with his debut solo artist album, Isole.

'Isole' consists of eight eclectic songs; the steady, deep beats of 'Alcatraz','Taquile' and 'Hong Kong' juxtapose the euphoric 'Tokyo', a warm sunset of a track. 'Nassau', written with fellow Rome-based Rodion showcases sensual and percussive waves of synth, whereas 'Favignana', written with Kool Water (aptly named after an Island off the southern coast of Italy) takes you deep underwater through its distorted build-up. 'Stone Town', written with Dimitri from Paris who is influenced by 1970s funk and disco, encompasses the marimba in keeping with the beachy feel of the record. Finally, the jazzy track 'London' written with Jukka Reverberi could have been inspired by DJ Rocca's work with the critically acclaimed jazz musician Franco D'Andrea, with whom DJ Rocca created the 'Electric Tree Project' which fuses jazz and electronics.

DJ Rocca has been touring his energetic sets globally over the last few years in clubs in Berlin, Paris, London, Oslo, Bruxelles, Vienna, Zurich, Bern, Helsinki, Brazil, Turkey and Croatia. Stay tuned for more solo and collaborative venture on Nang too.

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Nang presents: The Array
Volume 10

Nang Array time again. Its spring and its time for our annual dust down of the triumvirate of goodies from our musical closet. One third hits from last year, one third (hopeful) hits from this coming year and one third something quirky and exclusive. We open with some Icelandic bouncy disco from NY based Wanton Boys Club. A perky opener for sure. Next we have two massive names of the electronic scene coming together. Vince Clarke (of Erasure, Yazoo and Depeche Mode) paired with the original space disco classic "Magic Fly". A fine synth electronic rework. Things get vocal next for label firm favorite Ilya Santana here providing some slick keys and sold groove to the vocal lines of Linda Axelsson.

Its time for some Balearic house disco next with an exclusive from dutch producer Black Marlin. Sungrooves and big beats. Italian label stalwart DJ Rocca is next with his low slung groover "Nassau". Lerosa Rimini dub doing the business here. Changing tack quite drastically its off for some hi-energy disco with Hard Tons clever blend of opulent and extravagant power disco. 5 Reasons give us an updated version of their Nitelights smooth Russian disco next. Newcomers Soda Pimps follow with the arpgegiated and swinging "Angels 10 Fox One Away".

Recent hit "Dance All Night" from Kontinents makes a welcome re-appearance here with its soulful Sare Havlicek groove. Madrid based Manuel Costela gets funky next with his choppy guitar funk disco floor filler. Its off to space next for some intergalactic disco from Italian trio Light Cycles. To round things off first it's the exclusive "Misterisio" from DJ Rocca. This one is part sci-fi sound track part exotic pan-disco. For the digital listeners it's one more bite of the DJ Rocca cherry with an exclusive instrumental version of their Flock Of Seagulls "I Ran" remix.

10 years already...phews. Enjoy 2019 and see you next year.

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Soda Pimps: Angels 10 Fox One Away & Senga Beats (Best In You)

Soda Pimps are the unlikely pairings of Bhutan-born Tandin Norbu and Chilean Timmy Jorje. Both multi-instrumentalists as well as being masters of the instruments of their home countries, Soda Pimps make slick nu-disco aural monuments.

For their debut release on Nang the pair got together in Wolfsburg, Germany, in the Volkswagen workers' recreational sports ground to sculpt their latest disco epic. Tandin is all about the groove and drums, taking lessons from his time in the Bhutan Teenage Youth Drum Theatre while Timmy oozes slick melodies honed from exposure to Latin songs from a young age.

The first track, 'Angels 10 Fox One Away', is made for blissing out to; a chilled-out instrumental tune in which the low drum grooves and funky bass lick carry the track to a close. Up next on the single is 'Senga Beats (Best In You)'. The stylistically auto-tuned lyrics: 'I want the best of you, give me the best in you' are reminiscent of Daft Punk's hits. Heavy use of electronic synths drive the song, taking you from the disco to the beach, with ocean sounds transfused into the background producing a Balearic soundscape.

You can expect to hear more from Soda Pimps on Nang in the near future...