Dan Judd
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The Sorcerer conjures brimstone from guitars, casts spells with drum machines, spooks out synthesizers, and mesmerizes fragments of sampled sound. Influenced by surf music, 80s dance pop, space jazz, krautrock, disco, dub, and am radio gold.

Releases: NANG034: Various Artists : Beach Disco Sessions Vol 1
NANG046: Richard Norris : New Masters Volume 2 - Presents The Time And Space Machine
NANG171: Various Artists : Beach Disco Vol 8 (Buy CD)
NANG183: Various Artists : Beach Disco Vol 9
Tracks: Sorcerer : Chemise (Buy Download)
Sorcerer : Chemise (The Time and Space Machine Mix) (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker , FtSorcerer: Living On The Edge (Buy Download)