Billy Bogus


Billy Bogus is the snazzy moniker for Niccolò Bruni. Niccolò is the founder of Pizzico records, a fine Italian label. However as Billy Bogus Niccolò expresses his musical side. It all started out 1994 when he decided to buy a couple of Technics 1200. Heavily conditioned by 90's ambient and dance style, acid jazz, old and dusty disco vibes, movie soundtracks and 80's new wave, his musical melting pot was brewed.

Niccolò skips through musical genres and plunges into underground music subcultures with surprising ease and aplomb. Obsessed by weird cinema, if his music was the soundtrack then film would go something like the following…. Billy fights a series of running battles against well-dressed and well-thinking conformism. He is a fighting squatter trapped in a sci-fi cult movie: a galactic battle is raging, his synthesizers are laser guns, his jeans-jacket is ripped, his bandana is totally wet. And at the end of the movie Billy will discover that the real enemy dwells in his soul.



Brioski hails from Milan in Italy. He first fell in love with music via early Italo disco compilations, "Mixage". Progressing onto his Technics 1200 in his teenage years he eventually graduated into music production and so grew his love of synthesizers, analog machines and sequencers.

He started his DJ career with a wide range of influences (hip hop, funk, soul, disco, chicago house & techno) but now his sound edges towards balearic and psychedelic atmospheres, with deep and percussive roots. All of these sounds can be heard through the music he produces; a combination of old school reminiscences, vintage machines, funk bass and his ever present favorite synth the Roland SH101.

Chaz Jankel


After a successful career with Ian Dury & The Blockheads, co-writing some exceedingly famous hits and playing guitar and keys for them, Chaz decided to go solo for a bit. Some Numero Unos in the club charts cropped up throughout the '80s, as well as a spot in the top 20 in the "normal" charts with Quincy Jones' version of "Ai No Corrida". Also with a couple of film-score credits to his name, Chaz could honestly say, without a hint of pretension, that he's been there and done that. Having said that, it's probably more likely - considering that he did have a hand in writing the dubiously sane "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" - that it'll be "Been where? Done what?"

Check out Chaz Jankel's compilation album My Occupation, among other releases, on our sister label Tirk.

Chris Coco


Chris Coco is a tastemaker, DJ, broadcaster, producer, musician and journalist.

He is currently promoting his new artist album Feel Free Live Good (Big Chill Recordings) and working closely with the Big Chill festival on a stage for this Summer.

His radio show, Melodica, is growing from it's base on Ibiza Sonica to include broadcasts in cities from Sydney to Istanbul to Chicago.

With regular gigs at cool venues Supperclub, Sosho and Player in London and international shows, Chris is a busy live DJ too.



The Russian quartet D-Pulse (Klim Suhanov, Anton Kochnev, Semen Perevoshikova and Pavel Shoutov) began their careers when they were just schoolboys - on the cover of their first album, four 16 year-olds stand blissfully unaware of their future. Today, they spread the new fresh sound of Russia all over the world. D-Pulse sets new standards of quality dance music from the very depths of the snowy forests of Russia, but the real effect their music has can be felt during live shows. The band already has the status of the most expressive, vivid live electronic band in Russia. Their shows were appreciated in Japan, where they had a tour in 2007, and, since last year, the band has begun to strut their stuff on European stages. At the moment D-Pulse are working in a studio in Prague as well as playing the occasional gig.

Filipsson & Lindblad


Holmar Filipsson and Klas-Henrik Lindblad aka Sasse both discovered electronic music in the late eighties and started djing shortly there after; Sasse in his hometown Turku, Finland and Holmar in Reykjavik, Iceland. Sasse started his label Moodmusic in '96 when still living in Finland, but has since succumbed to the irresistible pull of Berlin. Holmar threw some of the first Warehouse parties in Iceland in the early nineties before moving to NYC in '96. Since then he has spent his time founding his labels Crack&Speed and Thugfucker Recordings.

The collaboration album has been a long time coming; Work started at the "Reykjavik Massive" Studio in Brooklyn a few years back. Then, following a lot of net file swapping, they completed the album in Berlin, at Sasses "BlackHead" Studios last year.

The Scandinavian pair share a love for disco and deep house music and this is very apparent in the music they have come together to make. Once in the studio each song happened naturally, one song progressing into another, each song portraying a little personal story. The collection of songs over the extended period eventually morphed into "A Splendor In The Grass".



Developed from the ashes of The All Seeing I and Venini, Hiem came about by a chance meeting backstage at The Reading Festival in 1999, after a hungry and exhausted Bozzwell from rocking the dance arena, came backstage to find Eastwood eating his scotch eggs and helping himself to his yop yoghurt, a tussle and heated words ended up in these two musical adventurers hooking up and getting a project together.

A few years later after demoing and working on material, the duo caught the ears of the folk down at Ideal records and distributors from London who snapped up the progressive electronic track Japanese Motor Car #1 which was added to the cult double lp Flexipop which was warmly received by the critics, next up came a brace of 7" and 12" releases such as Chelsea which achieved single of the week in the NME and also She's The One through the ubercool up and coming London Label Crosstown Rebels, which scored Hiem an international club hit with the help of Canadian Techno Newbie Mathew Johnson's remix, since then Hiem have rocked all the cool clubs internationally either with Bozzwell turning feet and heads with his twitchy techy dj sets or Hiem playing a full live show including a high kicking and spinning Nick and Bozzwell's high pitched prince impressions, since 2002 weve seen this duo go from strength to strength with releases on Eskimo, Marketing Music, Startalk International and have appeared on a host of compilations alongside the latest release a collaboration with fellow sheffielder and pop royalty Phil Oakey from the Human Leauge.



Foto are Kevin Swain and Enzo Amico. Kevin first came to the forefront of electronic dance music as DOP in the 90's on William Orbit's seminal Guerilla Records label. He was there at Shoom when it started and later went on to DJ at such legendary clubs like The Raid, Back to Basics, Love Ranch, Sign Of The Times, and for Charlie Chester's Flying Records outfit. Enzo Amico set up the London record shop Plastic Fantastic Records, a move which kick-started his DJ career. He now runs Plastic Music an online record shop and is a member of the exciting DJ outfit The Balearic Brothers.

Kevin & Enzo have always shared a love for all things "Balearic", from the early sounds of Byrne & Eno to the early ground-breaking Balearic Beats, also taking in the 80's Italo Disco sounds. Now, Foto gives them an opportunity to take journeys into the past as well as incorporating all the new exciting sounds being produced by labels such as Eskimo, Full Pupp, Perm Vac, and Italians Do It Better..

Ichisan & Nakova


Ichisan & Nakova (aka Igor and Jure) hail from the fine country of Slovenia, one of the republics of former Yugoslavia. Over the past few years the pair has steadily been carving out a name for their unique style of nu disco, called Yugo Disco, which is already becoming a music brand of its own. Beside this Ichisan & Nakova has become well recognized with their innovative DJ sets. The two of them combine a great artistic whole – Igor is one of the most prominent Slovenian photographers with great sensitivity for visual and auditory art, who started his relationship with music playing guitar in various bands. He has later developed preference for electronical sounds, which he blended with his organic feel and started producing his own projects. Jure is a very well established DJ and a vynil collector, who has an over 10 year status - he started with Detroit house in the early days to all sorts of brakes and disco house later on. With their attributes and background they ideally complement each other, that's why their music and their sets are so unique. When they produce they basically live together for a few days at a time and work on music day and night – coming up with ideas, playing the instruments and recording all kinds of unusual percussive sounds using everyday items such as spoons, bottles, etc. Their so far releases include several EPs on Spanish "Disciple Of Groove" and Italian "Pizzico" records as well as some fine remixes.

Ilya Santana


What do the Human League, Dolly Parton, Lindstrom & the Phenomenal Handclap Band all have in common.......? Ilya Santana has touched them all, with his magical remix fingers.

Ilya Santana, a native of the Canary Islands, discovered his passion for music 20 years ago through his father's love of artists like Alan Parsons, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder and many more. When he listened to music something was awoken in him, he was compelled to listen to everything he could get his hands on and feed his ferocious appetite. In 1995 Santana began carving out a name for himself as a local Dj by playing at all of the best nightclubs in Gran Canaria .

His first release was on Daniel Wang's label Balihu. Wang believed in his talent from the beginning and helped him greatly on his quest. Ilya has since released music on several respected labels like Balihu, Tirk, Permanent Vacation, Airtight, Hooj Choons & Gomma - as well as remixing artists like Human league, Space, Zodiac, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Lindstrom, Sugardaddy & more. A debut album on Nang is due 2012.

Kim & Buran


Established in 2002 as "Raketa", in 2003 they changed the band name to "KIM & BURAN" (after the heroes of the cult soviet sci-fi cartoon "The Secret of the Third Planet".

They proceeded to release 2 CD albums on the cult russian label SOLNZE RECORDS and a couple of tracks on various CD compilations and here on Comfort Stand.

The band consists of founding member and author of all compositions Slava Zavjalov along with Igor Zvetkov on bass. In 2005 Slava was replaced by Roman Gazeta on bass.

Since november 2005 Kim & Buran perform live as a trio with drummer Dr. Alexey. The group is produced by Oleg Tarasov (of Messer Chups and Solnze Records!)

Justus Köhncke


Germany, late 1980s….. home computers, sampling, MIDI and a whole new era of bedroom production. It was about that about that time that a young Justus Köhncke moves himself to Düsseldorf, the city of Kraftwerk. Finding himself in the Ata tak studios (home of German electronic pioneers Der plan and Pyrolator) our young hero perfects his craft and purchases his first gear… the die is cast.

Soon with Düsseldorf art academy types he forms his first project "Blood and Honey", decadent parties and gay-squat gigs abound but the first record alludes them. Fast forward to 1992 Cologne and JKs first release "fly high" on the fictional NY underground label "Fifth & Madison". More releases follow, theatre scores and a debut LP on JKs own "iCi records" labels. In 2001 JK signs to Colonge friends Kompakt, a fruitful partnership producing great releases such as "Was Ist Musik" and vinyl classic "2 after 909", "Timecode" and the album "Doppelleben".

Jump to present day…. and when JK is not touring you can find him enjoying his work on film scores in the south of France with composer Irmin Schmidt (from CAN). Along the JK has remixed some of the biggest names in the business (Depeche Mode, Erasure, Space, Human League, Hot Chip, Hybrid, Andreas Dorau to name but a few). Justus releases a compilation of his finest mixes on the Nang, New Masters series in 2011.

Lusty Zanzibar


Lusty Zanzibar is Alex Cordiner's Alias which originally started out as "Z Plan" many years ago. He had his first release "Music by Monkeys" on Holistic records. To get over the shock of having something pressed on Vinyl Alex decided to take a 10 year break, mainly down the pubs and clubs of London Town Djing with his night Residency.

Alex formed Lusty Zanzibar after missing recording far too much… In 2009 "For my Friends" on Bear Funk. After that Alex took a crash course in working with vocals and dealing with big Berlin studios in a nifty collaboration with the queen of electronic soul Billie Ray Martin (from Electribe 101). Alex joined the Nang fold with his cover of "Silent Running" on the Nang "From the Stars" album, followed by the remix of Ichisan and Nakova Pionir. His debut album was the result of year of studio work in the depths of the North Downs with his collection of fine analogue keyboards

Proper Heat


Proper Heat is an exquisite alliance of three musicians deeply mad about jazz, house, disco and electronics.

Karolis Ramoška is the exceptional voice of the team and rhymes like a pro! Mr Saxophone is Saxtone and ever since his younger days has lived for performing, festivals and live.

Martin Virgin is the discoholic of the crew, crazy about music. Martin is the backbone holding all these elements together… did we mention he is a great DJ and a tremendous dancer too...



Spanish producer extraordinaire Rayko has been a leading light in the disco edits scene since 2008, the year he launched his magnificent Rare Wiri imprint.

Since then his name has appeared on literally dozens of great records scattered across labels like Eskimo, Is It Balearic? and Nang.

Deeply rooted in '70s and '80s disco, funk, boogie and rock, Rayko's influences are masterfully interpreted and transformed into modern day dancefloor bombs. His mind-blowing edit of Candi Staton's 'Broadway' came in at number 1 in Juno's best of 2011 disco chart, proving he's right at the crest of the disco edit wave.

But his talents don't stop there. He's delved into original productions and remixes, being asked to lend his skilled hand to tracks by Psychemagik, Space Ranger, Beatfanatic, or Ilya Santana, to name a few,...

As a DJ, he's been shipped over to the USA, Africa, Asia, South and North America and all around Europe, and his global following is quite obviously illustrated by his massive following on SoundCloud.

His love and appreciation for top quality tunes, along with a true talent for revitalising the music of yesterday and adding his own personal flavour, make him stand out from the crowd in an overpopulated sea of edit-makers.

As the months go on and his catalogue expands, Rayko is rapidly becoming one of the most loved names in modern day disco

Sare Havlicek


Slovenian based Sare Havlicek - actual name (Jure Havlicek), is a bit of a hoarder. A hoarder of old synthesizers, drum machines and most of all 70's & early 80's euro/cosmic disco sounds. A trip around his luxurious studio is a bit like a day at the synth museum. All these elements go into Sares current cosmic-disco music. Any one would think he had Italian blood.

Sare's production career began way back in 1988 (he has had several aliases including Freeze, Hyperactive, Moob and Sare Muratore).

One thing's for sure - Sare's no newcomer when it comes to attention to sound quality. All tunes come with no samples or loops inside!

Old school production and playing all the way. Which is one of the reasons we just love the sounds here at Nang.

Sare Havlicek


Situation are a collective of seasoned DJ's, musicians & producers from the South West of England, all sharing the same vision & passion for music. The core group consists of Mr Mulatto, Ben Vacara, Paul Walker, Dom Thompson, James Payne and vocalists - Lauren Rimmel & Andre Espeut.

Their best known track, “Lovin’ Me” appeared on major compilations including - Groove Armada’s ‘Another late night’, and Café Del Mar (No.9). There are currently 3 Situation DJ’s in the collective & they are Mr Mulatto, Ben Vacara & Paul Walker – who enjoy playing together as a collective & also just as strong as individuals - fresh from Glastonbury as Block 9 residents, playing the now legendary NYC Downlow club & Radio.

Over the past few years Situation have been honing their production skills on original compositions – which reflect combinations of Jazz fuelled boogie, Nu Disco & deep house, a new direction whihc coincided with the recruiting of vocalist Lauren Rimmel and the launch of the new imprint 'Situationism'.

Since then, they have had a string of releases & remixes on ‘Tru Thoughts’, 'Nang', 'United', 'No Static', ‘Toolroom’, ‘Peng records’, ‘Master' works Music, HOT DIGITS, Editorial, Paper Disco, Midnight Riot, ISM, Tirk records & ‘Our records’. Expect to see a good amount of fresh new edit releases too!



The "Space" project was put together by producer JP Illescuo in 1977. It all started with the "Magic Fly" melody which was originally a slow-tempo piano piece by Didier "Ecama" Marouani. JP added Paris session musician stalwarts Roland Romanelli, and Jannick Top into the mix and energized a upbeat and futuristic sound based around synthesizers and a pounding 4/4 beat.

The 'Magic Fly' single was originally released in 1977 and became a hit all over Europe and the US. The album of the same name followed the same year featuring 7 tracks of futuristic soundscapes for the downtrodden 70s.

The Heels Of Love


The Heels of Love is a Milan based duo consisting of Michele Tessadri & Luca Saponaro. Two disco reprimands with an unhealthy penchant for slap bass, synths and vintage drum machines. Michele also records under the alias Fratelli Rivera (Bearfunk), whilst Luca is a member of Krautrock disco heads The Love Supreme (Tirk).

The pair released their debut material on the Under the Shade and Mad On The Moon labels. Their first track on Nang was "Chain Gang" with Max Essa.

The Korvids


The Korvids are a catholic Glasgow Collective, spearheaded by Singer-songwriter James Grant, formerly of Love and Money and Friends Again and producer and former Echo And The Bunnymen guitarist Gordy Goudie. They marry a love of disco with the influence of Deodato, Axelrod, CSNY, Miles and anything else that takes their fancy.

The furrow of their combined influences and experiences runs deep; James was the front man for Love and Money, everyones favourite band from the 1980s who should have been massive, but somehow weren’t. James has also had a distinguished career as a singer-songwriter internationally. Recently performing two sold out shows in Glasgow with a full orchestra. Gordy has produced music for numerous projects and bands, including Simple Minds and has played bass and guitar for The Primevals and Echo And The Bunnymen among many others.

The Korvids is a chance for them both to exercise a different set of musical muscles; their sound blends dance, balearica, electronic funk, pop, smooth jazz and much more. Their debut single “Beach Coma" was released in 2015 and is a melee of darting acoustic guitars and disco bass over sun-washed pads and layers of Balearic summertime groove. Their follow up EP “Phoebus On The Beach” was released in 2016 and is a It is a trio of compositions with mixes which ooze summertime, jazz and downtempo slackness. The “Bad Faith” single released in November 2016 sees James re-unite with former Steely Dan producer Gary Katz for the first time since 1986 (on the “Strange Kind Of Love” album)

Their debut album is due for release in Feb 2017

Venice Beach


Discovered on the club scene, DJ Producer/Remix duo Venice Beach are today's new house sensation! Buzzing on social networks through various remixes, their compilation of Disco Edits has pushed them right to the top of the charts.

Collaborating with the biggest names both in the studio and live such as Escort, Moon Boots, RAC and Space, their dj sets gets the crowds dancing in the trendiest venues from Washington to Tunis via the Wanderlust, temple of disco.

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