Its springtime again. So that means its time for our yearly Array compilation. It is a swell round up of the hits from the past year, some special new gems and a few of our upcoming top tracks.

We open up with one of our best sellers from 2016, Bristol, UK based Situation and their big swinging dancefloor fill "Get To Know Me". It powers along with a fine male house vocal and a top notch remix from UK based Hot Toddy. Carrying on in the big floor Disco next is a upcoming gem from Nang, Slovenian producer extraordinaire Sare Havlicek. He debuts a dub mix of a lead track "EFO" from his upcoming fourth LP. Its chic-tastic grooves and tight bass guitar and funk chops adding gallons of disco shine.

Russian newcomer Taras 3000 is next up. He keeps the bass guitar rolling with his synthy disco-smash "Piano Bar". Next things take a robotic-disco turn with James Rod and his onpoint, programmed layered synth grooves. German based Eriq Johnson melds the early 80s rap vocal with a chunky locked on groove next. We pause for breath with the refreshing "Six Month" next. Wondrous synths and uplifting pads.

Things spin off in an Italo direction next with the "Spy In The Sky" chunker from Italo Brutalo. Things take a groovy turn with 5 Reasons debuting a new track. Picked and funky guitars mix in with soulful 80s grooves and keys to deliver another one of their fine aural escapades. Madrid based Rayko is next. Here he debuts a track from his forthcoming Nang LP. Here he partners with Tania Haroshika on the sultry vocals for a guitar heavy soulful smouldering disco smash.

Deepkey contribute a muscular "Aircraft Lovers". Its some smooth vocal disco-house next with the newly formed Kontinents. Here they debut their cover version of "Be With You" to fine effect. US based Aimes is next with a "A View From Istanbul". Spy like grooves and mysterious keys tied up with dancefloor beats. Things round off the main CD with the Beatbroker remix of Plastic Fantastics "La Salinas 5AM". It’s a fine sunrise Balearic moment.

The download release also features exclusives from Future Feelings, Pete Herbert, Tonbe and The Korvids. See you all in a year.


01. Written by Andre Espeut, Ben Vacara, Steve Wilson, Dom Thompson & James Payne. Produced by Situation. Remix & Additional Production by Hot Toddy. Published by Dharma Songs. 02. Written & Produced by Sare Havlicek. Published by Dharma Songs. 03. Written & Produced by Dima Ustinov. Published by Dharma Songs. Licensed from No Static Recordings. 04. Written & Produced by James Rod. Published by Dharma Songs.05. Written & Produced by Eriq Johnson. Published by Dharma Songs. Licensed from No Static Recordings. 06. Written by Hairullin Roman Albertovich. Published by Dharma Songs. Licensed from Real Balearic. 07. Written & Produced by Italo Brutalo. Published by Dharma Songs. Licensed from No Static Recordings. 08. Written & Produced by Lukoyanov Stanislav. Published by Dharma Songs. 09. Written & Produced by Rayko at the Rare Wiri Studio. Published by Dharma Songs. 10. Written & Produced by Denis Zalutskiy & Alex Romantsev. Published by Dharma Songs. 11. Produced by Szilard Prech, Peter Voronov. Vocals by Shusha Written by Sultan And Tommydoor. Published by Copyright Control. 12. Written and Produced by Aman Ellis. Published by Dharma Songs. 13. Written & Produced by John Clements and Erik Wulff-Engh. Published by Dharma Songs. Remix & Additional Production by The Beat Broker. Licensed from Real Balearic. 14. Composed and recorded by Fernando Dimare. Vocals by Alfredo Cabello. Remix & Additional Production by Kim & Buran. Published by Dharma Songs. 15. Written and Produced by Pete Herbert & Martin Denev. Vocals by Robert Owens. Remix & Additional Production by Nevelskiy & Ivan Starzev. Published by Dharma Songs. 16. Written & Produced by Milos Djordjevic. Remix & Additional Production by Oddnipps. Published by Dharma Songs. Licensed from No Static Recordings. 17. Written & Produced by James Grant and Gordy Goudie. Remix & Additional Production by Kim & Buran. Published by Copyright Control (MCPS). 18. Written & Produced by David Bozzwell & Nick Eastwood. Remix & Additional Production by Ilya "Hot Hot Hawk". Published by Dharma Songs. Licensed from No Static Recordings.

(P) &(C) 2017 Nang Records

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