Kim & Buran

First single off the forthcoming Tramplin' album from St Petersburg electronic disco veterans Kim & Buran, their second long player on Nang.

Phazerdelique is nearly 7 1/2 minutes of luxuriant cosmic disco, pulsing and sweeping along on top of a classic Italo groove that never feels like it actually needs to go anywhere in particular, or needs to actually end. On the right dancefloor, at the right time, it will earn it's right to exist outside of the normal constraints of time and space, and just be.


Ivan Fabra
Different Worlds

For the 207th release on Nang, we warmly welcome a new Spanish artist to the family. Ivan Fabra, is the Barcelona based music producer with a special focus on Nu Disco, Italo, Cosmic Disco-Funk and Balearic vibes. He combines minimal groove sounds and 80s synths with the pure physical energy of club and dance floor sounds in his productions.



Back in 2010 one of the first Nang albums we released was from Ichisan (along with Nakova). Step forward nearly ten years and we are delighted to present another fine masterwork from our Slovenian friend.

Ichisan is the ever-so-cool moniker of Igor Skafar, a Ljubljana based photographer whose relationship with music began by playing the guitar in various bands. This love later developed into a love for electronic music. In 2008 he released his first solo 12" on Airtight Recordings. 'Global Pillage' and 'Tips & Tricks'. Since then he has released records on illustrious labels such as Eskimo Recordings, Solardisco, Rare Wiri, Under The Shade and Internasjonal. He has also remixed names such as Daniele Baldelli, Space, Billy Bogus and Sorcerer.

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