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Nu-Disco duo of Moscow-based Peter and Budapest-based Holic.

Kontinents is a fresh collaboration between two (nu)disco heads. Hailing from the capital cities Moscow and Budapest, Peter and Holic have a vision to create a unique world full of warm sounds, analogue synthesizers, drum machines and sweet vocals.

After triumphing at various remix competitions, Nang Records signed Kontinents to release their first original material in the form of the EP 'Dance All Night' which features talented singer and actress Shusha.

Releases: NANG166: Various Artists : The Array Volume 8 (Buy CD)
NANG187: Various Artists : Nang Presents The Array Volume 10 (Buy CD)
NANG189: Kontinents , FtShusha: Dance All Night
Tracks: Kontinents , FtShusha: Dance All Night (Sare Havlicek Remix) (Buy Download)