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Blue Azure is a DJ/Producer from the South West of the UK

BlueAzure is the pseudonym of producer Jamie Bridle. Based in the South West of the UK, his music blends elements of dance, chill-out, Balearica and nu-disco, whilst retaining an underlying current of melody.

Born at the start of the seventies in the West Midlands, Jamie grew up surrounded by the sounds of Simon & Garfunkel, classical and soul. Later on, he became hugely influenced by film soundtracks. Jamie grew fascinated with album sleeve artwork and typography, and it was this that led him to pursue a career in graphic design, to which he now runs his own design studio, The Great Field.

In the late eighties Jamie started to write and produce his own material, and alongside a close friend they gathered a handful of equipment and began to formulate their own sound. With only minimal gear at the helm (Amiga 500, Kawai K4, Roland 606, Tascam Four Track and two guitars!) sound programming played an important role and it soon became evident that Jamie’s ideal scenario was production and sound engineering.

Releasing a handful of EP’s throughout the noughties, it was the track Head In The Clouds in 2010 that caught attention. Since then there has been a steady flow of remixes from a variant of labels, as well as releasing own material. His residency on Graal Radio with his own show 'Sequential' won the hearts of like-minded individuals and has led him to produce exclusive DJ mixes throughout each year.

Releases: NANG171: Various Artists : Beach Disco Vol 8 (Buy CD)
NANG183: Various Artists : Beach Disco Vol 9
Tracks: BlueAzure : Wide Awake (Buy Download)