Light Cycles

Light Cycles
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Light Cycles is the brainchild of Gilberto Caleffi and Erio Simonini (aka Disco Doubles / Permanent Vacation, Nang) with Auke Riemersma (aka Aux Tha Masterfader / Nein, Bordello A Parigi), a trio raised on sci-fi sound tracks and smouldering synth anthems. These influences are omnipresent in the group’s debut 6-track ep called 'Flowing' and released by the Dutch label Bordello A Parigi (2018). A track was also previously included in the compilation 'Yes Means Nein' from Nein Records (UK, 2017).

Releases: NANG187: Various Artists : Nang Presents The Array Volume 10 (Buy CD)
Tracks: Light Cycles : Time To Go (Buy Download)