Ivan Fabra

Ivan Fabra
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Ivan Fabra is a Barcelona based DJ/producer and hardcore crate digger. He has focus straight on Nu Disco, Italo, Cosmic Disco-Funk and Balearic vibes, applying 80s analog synthesizers, modern technology and pin-sharp production to ?80s bass heavy Italo sounds. His vinyl collection is mainly focused on 70s-80s jazz, funk and disco. The Funk-feeling is clearly the inspiration behind his sound. Ivan skillfully mixes his wide music influences and demonstrates innovative efforts to offer interesting hybrids. It`s all about combining these styles with new effects meeting groovy beats. He is always searching for a timeless quality in music, creating atmospheres in his very own way in fusing deep, minimalistic and melodic tunes. His mixes have a wide range of music influences and demonstrates innovative efforts to offer an interesting hybrid sonority.

Releases: NANG207: Ivan Fabra : Different Worlds
NANG209: Ivan Fabra : Planet Disco EP
Tracks: Ivan Fabra : Different Worlds (Buy Download)
Ivan Fabra : Magic Strings (Buy Download)
Ivan Fabra : Planet Disco (Buy Download)
Ivan Fabra : Enceladus (Buy Download)
Ivan Fabra : Bounce Arp (Buy Download)