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I´ve been hooked on vinyl ever since I bought my first 7inch at a flea market 1976 and till today never lost this passion. I had my first musical experience in front of an audience in 1977 (age 14) through some DJ performances at a youth dance party at a local dancing school in my hometown Innsbruck, Austria. In 1978 I started to play drums in a local rock band until the summer of 1983. This year brought a kind of revelation! While clubbing at Lake Garda in Italy, I’ve got absorbed with the afro-funky-cosmic-disco sound. So caught by this wild-style mixture of jazz, funk, fusion, krautrock, space disco and brazilian stuff, I started my own DJ career as a resident at the Galaxy Club. At this time the tracks were not quantisized at all and the mixing console didn’t have any gadgets, effects and features like nowadays, no electronic assistants. For the sake of love I moved to Milano in the year 1987 and played in clubs around northern Italy, alongside Beppe Loda & Daniele Baldelli, which influenced me mostly at this time. Back home at Innsbruck, end of the eighties, I became resident at the famous American Bar for some years. In this period I also started to play uptempo electronic dancemusic like house&techno. I bought my first sample player and computer, a Casio FZ1, as well as an Atari ST4 to go deeper in music production. However, a couple of years were to pass before I released the first record. In 1994 I moved to south Germany to extend my musical playground. Hailing from Munich I´m hosting residencies around Europe to play my wide ranged dj sets, based on my little nice record collection. .... During the past years, I produced a lot of tunes and remixes for labels like Bikini rec. Innvision, Compost, Permanent Vacation, Tirk, Nang, Jalapeno, to mention just a few. In addition to this, a bunch of tracks have been licensed for compilations, such as Brazilectro, FM4 Soundselection, Timewarp inc. etc. The album “The Groove Collage" in cooperation with Ed Royal came out in March 2007. To push it even further and create even more advanced tracks, I improved my audio technical skills at the SAE Institute and advanced private training on jazzpiano. I’ve dug out the drumsticks again too. Since 3 Years i´m member of the Band „MOHEAR“ the new album „BABY“ has been released on november 2014 on Electunes Records Vienna!

Releases: NANG003: DJ Enne : The Impatient Man EP
NANG020: Various Artists : From The Stars Volume 1
Tracks: DJ Enne : The Impatient Man (Buy Download)
DJ Enne : Space Face (Buy Download)
DJ Enne : Ciao Georgio (Buy Download)
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