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Easy M : Sleepless Weekends

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Easy M
"Sleepless Weekends EP"

Let us introduce Easy M and their fabulous 'Sleepless Weekends EP.'

Russia seems to be a fertile breeding ground of excellent music of late, and, thanks to the internet, we've found another gem from these far away lands. Let us introduce Easy M and their fabulous 'Sleepless Weekends EP.'
Lead track 'Sleepless Weekends' is story about night-life antics in Moscow. It's an uber-catchy, concise bit of analogue synth pop that captures the icy chill of Russian winters through the fuzz of analogue circuitry. The vocals by Dmitry Fligershule & Evgenia Romanova have a subdued sensibility to them that cut right through the machine rhythms, lifting it to something more than just nu-disco music.
New to the Nang family and hot off the heels of his debut release for the label, edits-maestro Rayko delivers a cracking rendition of 'Sleepless Weekends'. In his usual style, he takes the track a little deeper with harder, swung beats and a bumping bass line. This is going to work the long nights on dance floors across the land. We can feel it!
Up next we have 'Big Lips', a twisted synth record with all the traits of pop song, wrapped around a pounding disco-house beat and motorik synth lines. The vocals that drive the track hark back to the 80's, but there's a decidedly contemporary air to the arrangements that give it a crisp edge.

Written & Produced by Ilya Shapovalov & Easy M.
Published by Shrama Songs.
(P) & (C) 2013 Nang Records

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