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Kim And Buran

Continuing along with this barrage of Russian excellence, we have another band heiling fresh from Saint-Petersburg. Kim and Buran have been around on disco scene for nearly 10 years now and with their unique styles of twists and tones, it was definitely time for them to touch base with Nang HQ. The foursome cover a kaleidoscope of styles with their music, brushing through the phases of disco and etching in the multitude of various genre influences that are present through the tracks in the release.
They kick off with 'Flight B' - A lightly energised track that instantly gives you the flavour of Kim & Buran, the combinations of late 70s funk crosses over with cosmic pads and blends effortlessly into this nu-disco groover. Arppegiated chords bounce around through the back of the mix as they quietly compliment the rolling guitar riffs and sway your shoulders into the easy rhythm that you'll find on the dance floor.
'Voyager' moves towards the slightly darker edges of the cosmos, the pointed bass line marches through the back of the mix and underpins the gradual accension from the keys whilse the enigmatical pads drift from peak to peak as you loose yourself in the shadowed ambience that is the deep, cosmic skill of Kim and Buran.
Rounding off the release is 'Fly To Sea' which brings you back down to the terra firma with a graceful bump, a funky riff is rolled out at you in full force closely guarded by the cosmic flare you have become acustomed to whilst you've taken the cosmic journey.
A great debut Nang release from a great band.

1) Flight B
2) Voyager
3) Arp
Written and produced by Kim and Buran and Viacheslav Zavialov
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) & (C) 2013 Nang Records

1. Flight B
2. Voyager Buy Track ( 0.94)
3. Arp Buy Track ( 0.94)