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Evol Ai : La Fu

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Evol Ai
"La Fu"

Evol Ai is the discoid alter-ego of Slovenian based producer Alan Roposa.

Roposa has been releasing music as Qualiass over the last decade for labels, such as Red Ant Records, Minimal Records, Plastic Park, BRM, Sidechain Records, Amniotik, K4 Format and more. After appearing on Nang's Beach Disco Vol. 3 compilation earlier this summer, we're taking a step further to bring you a two track EP.
'La Fu' is a melancholic disco outing that references the saccharine groove of a Cyndi Lauper instrumental as much as it does Nu-disco contemporaries like Lindstrom & Lusty Zanzibar. the beat is driven by melodic percussion, stacatto bass and soaring, full bodied washes of synth colour.
'To Fu' is a little more reserved. There's a deadly walking bass line and sampled guitar runs arranged around sparse disco beats and suitably obscure effects and synth touches.
Keep the last remaining days of the Summer sun alive! Nang out.

Written & Produced by Alan Roposa
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) & (C) 2012 Nang Records

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