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Hot Hot Hawk
"Atlanta Skyline"

We like our 80s sounds here at Nang but with this little cracker from Russian based producer Hot Hot Hawk (AKA Ilya Potapov & Butakov Alexande) we really are taking the Rubik's Cube, Neon and Turbo to max.
The opening track "Atlanta Skyline" sees the producers cram in the 80s references to the max. Its all there, digital crunchy synths, big bold arepragaited bass lines, jazzy-funk guitar and the accenting synth bells. We love it. The tune itself is full of emotional lifts and breaks and powers on at a pace. This one is more Breakfast club soundtrack territory.
The flip track "Back To The Night City" stays firmly in 80s territory but things take on more of a Miami Vice-chase-scene vibe. Big fat distorted guitar strums, needling layers lead guitar lines, hand clap raptures and hair-spray-scary basslines.
By the way did we mention what an amazing name "Hot Hot Hawk" is by the way.
Enjoy yourselves, Nang crew.

Written & Produced by Potapov Llya Igorevich.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2016 Nang Records

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