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Pete Herbert & Martin Denev
"The Night Shade EP"

It's a hot one. Sunshine here we come.

Its deepest winter in London as we write this. The heroes of this release (UK Producer and DJ Pete Herbert and Bali based musician Martin Denev) are currently in Bali on the other side of the world. They are there in the sun and hot balmy evenings finishing off their album and we are stuck in the snow and sleet of a near-freezing east-end London. Still I guess we could always put on the tune to heat ourselves up? It's a hot one. Sunshine here we come.
The four track EP consists of a pair of Balearic-ish house tunes and a pair of remixes too boot. First up is the remix of "Night Boat". This comes from Leo Mas and Fabrice. Leo is a veteran of many releases and his pedigree stretches right back to the birth of the Ibiza scene. He was there in 85,86, 87 mixing it up large at Pacha and Amnesia with Alredo and others. The mix is all about darting arpeggios and Ibiza groove.
Next up we are off to Leeds. Very un-balearic indeed. Resident, Joe Morris has emerged as one of the leading Balearic producers around. Here we tap into his flow with his remix of the second tune "Batu Karang". His drum machine sunbeams and summery synths take the tune on a warm evening work out. To a delightful effect.
We round off with the two originals. "Night Boat" is anchored in that dancefloor solidness that Pete is famous for. Solid grooves, chunky synths and dance floor drama all the way. The original of "Batu Karang" is a slightly more chilled outing. Here Pete and Martin channel the chilled poolside grooves that they lived through while making the music.
Stay tuned for a (long over due) album from Pete and co in the Summer.

Written and Produced by Pete Herbert And Martin Denev.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) and (C) 2017 Nang Records

1. Night Boat [Leo Mas & Fabrice Remix]
2. Batu Karang [Joe Morris 'Balearic Shades' Remix] Buy Track ( 0.94)
3. Night Boat Buy Track ( 0.94)
4. Batu Karang Buy Track ( 0.94)