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James Rod
"Steelerr and Modular Balearic Oceans"

Spanish producer James Rod effortlessly weaves Disco, Cosmic Disco, Italo, funk, boogie and rock, in his songs creating a fresh dynamism and cunning technic into his tracks. Underground groove and a club philosophy are his foundation however with his live and DJ work he has expands his sounds and techniques for his own concept of musical evolution.
Here at Nang we are pleased to have our second releases with the talented producer. Up first is "Steelerr" an intense and dreamy affair with a lively italo disco bassline and a deep pad sound highlighted by wavering male vocal. James definitely knows how to build up progressive tensions, creating poetic atmospheres and character.
The second track, Modular Balearic Oceans, brings up to a cosmic seas where synth hints and electronic guitar blend together for creating this aerial and warm sound with delicate disco, Balearic and ambient touches.

Written and Produced by James Rod
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) and (C) Nang Records 2017

1. Steelerr
2. Modular Balearic Oceans