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The Beat Broker
"Hold Your Horses"

We warmly welcome The Beat Broker to the Nang family, with his new single "Hold Your Horses".

The Southern Californian producer has released previously on Bearfunk and Dream Chimney, amongst others. His signature sound blends retro disco and 80's vibes with modern electro and hip hop elements. This release features two original tracks and two remixes from Moon Mood and Ichisan.
The releases kicks off with a uplifting remix from the Belarus born, Barcelona based, Moon Mood. His version is filled with euphoric pads and bright melodies. This glistening gives the original a clean, modern make over.
The Slovenian producer and Nang regular, Ichisan, delivers a 808 Remix of Hold Your Horses, bringing the acid... This vintage sounding edit, utilities classic 808 drum tones combined with resonating bass lines and arpeggiating polysyths. The warm, round bass and floaty synths are sure to make you bounce on the floor.
The original version consists of punchy, dance floor ready drums with dream like melodies that delay across the stereo field. With a tasteful variety of different synth tones and sound sources, this track is destined to be remixed.
The final track on the releases is a new extended edit of Groove Glide, which was previously released on Bear Funk in 2017. Running at 07:23 minutes, this track smoothly progresses, carefully building and reducing different elements to keep it engaging. Space funk bass lines bounce between the synths to creating a very groovy atmosphere.

Written and Produced by Ryan Bishop.
Recorded at Dream Chimney Headquarters SF (2014-2016).
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2019 Bearfunk

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