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Outtake : Black Discotheque

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"Time Of Revolution & Black Discotheque"

Outtake deliver a kaleidoscopic ride into old and new territories on their debut Nang release.

Nang proudly introduces Napoli based duo, Outtake. Vincenzo Capaldo and Christian Brondoloni (AKA Outtake) aim to translate images and sensation through their music, via the use of new and old technologies. With a handful of releases under their belts, on labels such as Night Noise Codec, the duo have a clear vision of where the project is heading.
This two track release opens with 'Time Of Revolution', a playful track with loads of interesting twists and turns. The percussive break beat drums create the backbone of the track, which is then layered with atmospheric synth pads and a bouncy bassline. There are lots of engaging breakdowns with flicks of acid and sound effects. However the most distinct elements are the huge delayed vocals, combined with nostalgic chimes and electric guitar riffs, giving the track a feel reminicent of Manchester's Hacienda in the late 80's.
'Black Discotheque' is a a late night sensual disco journey, a little more stripped back and a little more mysterious. There is a distinct mood to this track that gradually builds as the listener is seduced by the female groans, combined with the various synth melody's and arpeggios that are finally combined with wide round bass that drops around 2min 30. The duo use a tasteful and evocative, harmonising Vocoder that unites all the elements together including the retro disco style drums. The subtle, but effective use of effects such as delay and phasing, add character, plus help with the continuity between the different segments when the track becomes more stripped back.

Written & Produced by Christian Brondoloni & Vincenzo Capaldo.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2020 Nang Records

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