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Toomy Disco
"Always Awake EP"

Toomy Disco is here!

Toomy Disco is here! After a brace of releases for the likes of Scucci Manucci, So Sound and House of Disco, the 22 yr old Argentinian arrives at Nang for his first solo record with the label.
Always Awake is a staggeringly accomplished EP for such a young chap. First track 'White Clouds' oozes classic disco groove, and there's an overwhelming smoothness throughout. The beat is slow, the bassline sumptuous and it's altogether a rather uplifting experience.
The title track drives hard and slow with its walking synth bass, permeated with guitar-pluck rhythms, soaring sustained chord stabs, echo / delays and a razor tight topline.
'Life Care' finishes the bunch, and goes out with a bang. We're treated to 80's tom patterns, ostinato synths, slap licks and a gloss of reverberated loveliness.
Soundtrack your tripped out slo-cruise down Sunset Strip with THIS and you won't be disappointed.

Written & Produced by Marin Iliuta.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) Nang Records 2012

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