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The Heels Of Love
"Flight 707"

Here we go again! The Heels Of Love strike gold once again with their new single 'Flight 707' on Nang.

It arrives accompanied by a strong brace of remixes from Jadoo, Billy Bogus, and Barking Dogs. Boom!
Kicking off the A-Side Jadoo delivers a storming effort. The vibe is nice and relaxed, and the arrangement is crisp and bold. It's a beautiful interpretation that would sit perfectly at the beginning or end of any discerning DJ's set.
To follow, Billy Bogus takes us deep into the foggy twilight world of the Italian disco club scene with his amorphic envisioning of the 'Flight 707.' There's all kinds of strange things at work here, you've just gotta hear it!
Peaking first on the B-Side we have the original in all it's glory. It's classic Heels; super melodic and full reverberated synths and 80's snares. The breakdown is lush as can be and wouldn't be out of place as a long lost instrumental for a major synthpop bands of a forgotten era.
To finish the package Barking Dogs give's up a house-centric rework perfectly suited for the floor. Again, it's another completely original arrangement, with only the arp synth of the original permeating through intermittently. The bassline is solid and gruff and the fluctuating vocals edits add a glimmer of organic matter to round the mix off nicely.

Written & Produced by L. Saponaro and M. Tessadri
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) & (C) 2012 Nang Records

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