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"Four Elements"

'Four Elements LP' from Nu-Disco hero & one of the founding fathers of Italo disco, Beppe Loda & his project Egotrya.

Nang proudly presents the re-issue of 'Four Elements LP' coming from Nu-Disco hero and one of the founding godfathers of Italo disco, Beppe Loda and his project Egotrya.
Beppe Loda and Egotrya have lately found a place on Nang's shelf, being our well received 126th release. The single 'Wind', with remixes from Andromeda Orchestra and JMRS, lead us to decide to re-issue one of their most outstanding records to date: on the 24th of November we're dropping Egotrya's 'Four Elements'.
The album harks back to the heavy influence of 80's prog rock on the Cosmic Disco scene. Tracks like 'Landscape' utilise strong synth motifs and experimental melodic touches, brought into the 21st century with crisp production. Imagine Rustie vs. Vangelis and you're somewhere close.
'Typhoon' is an all-out synth bonanza with chugging basslines and steay disco beats. 'Volcano' - written and produced with Francesco Boscolo - is a prime slice of Italo glamour that'll have the nu-disco pups reaching for the stars. 'Cave' builds on the glacial sci-fi atmospheres whilst 'Wind (Stella Vocal)' drives hard with it's mesmerizing groove. 'Open Air' provides meditative, crystalline relief before 'Rare Earth' propels the album forward with hollowed-out tom patterns and rapid synth switch-ups.
The album comes to a close with the motoric 'Underwater', a manic, soaring piece of music paired with the trickling sounds and long modulated synth bows of 'Water Games' to finish.

Produced by Beppe Loda. Egotyra are: Franceco Boscolo - Keyboards & Virtual Instruments. Beppe Loda - Drum, Percussion, Synth & Virtual Instruments. Recorded and Mixed at "Officine Manerbiesi" Recording Studio. All Tracks Written by Franceco Boscolo. Recording & Arrangement by Beppe Loda. Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) 2012 People In The Sky (C) 2014 Nang Records

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