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"Avila (Remixes)"

Nuuro is a Venezuelan producer from Caracas.

Having already had an album released on Soundsister back in 2006 and self-releasing his own album in 2009, in 2011 Nang released his dreamy, distantly-emotional synth-pop track Avila from the album The Reddest Ruby. We have expected big things from this artist ever since.
Kim & Buran have offered three great remixes of the Nuuro track Avila. This young Russian producer's real name is Slava Zavyalov and he apparently creates his music using no computers, only old soviet era synthesizers. He is usually known for creating sweeping, sonic space disco grooves, such as the funky and tightly produced Flight B. His three remixes of this track released by Nuuro (Nu Disco remix, Atmospheric Electro remix and Sunshine remix) bring out three different facets of the original track.
The first, Avila (Nu Disco Remix) uses his beautiful vocal melody against a sparkly disco track and the result is melancholic yet utterly danceable. Avila (Atmospheric Disco remix) utilises the 80s influence already apparent on the original mix and draws this out to something that sounds cosmic and analog at once. Avila (Sunshine remix) adds some more old school disco funk, turning the track once more into something new.

Written and Produced by Alejandro Ghersi.
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) & (C) 2015 Nang Records

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