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Ichisan returns with a 7 track mini-album...

The impact of Italo Disco (and it's more mainstream offspring, Hi NRG) on Germany (via the likes of powerhouse ZYX label) is widely recognised, but it's often forgotten that this impact was no less keenly felt by Italy's neighbours to the East, Slovenia amongst them.
The shimmering electronics and dancefloor energy of the Italo sound felt like a signifier of a future fast approaching Eastern Europe in the mid 80's, and as we lurch into the second quarter of the twenty first century, Slovenian producer Ichisan's fourth studio album VODA (Water) has warm and welcome roots in that hopeful era.
After the last 14 months, it's no surprise that the (seven track) album isn't particularly focused on dancefloors, as made clear from the outset by airy, moog washed opener Gozd Reka (River In A Forest). The glistening arpeggio's of second track Gospa Jensen (Mrs Autumn) are a sonic theme that filters in and out of the album, as is the easy listening / BBC Radiophonic style playlfulness of the likes of Konjski Rep (Horse Tail).
When a bit of 4/4 lead dancefloor structure does makes an appearance, as with Mornarska Kapa (Sailor Hat), the mood remains light and breezy, and is quickly followed by the cautionary Cabernet Pa Na Taxi (Always take taxi after drinking Cabernet) which opens with the sound of cork exiting bottle, and proceeds to strut artfully around a breezy funk groove of v agreeable vintage.
LP closer Tiha Voda (Quiet Water) drifts comfortably from arpeggiated glissando's into a breezy cocktail jazz rhythm, and feels like a fitting end to 30 + mins spent in a place many will be happy to return to in the brighter days ahead.

Written & Produced by Igor Skafar.
Published by Dharma Songs.
Mastered by Eugene @ Cromon Tor.
Artwork by Meta Wraber.
(P) & (C) 2021 Nang Records

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5. Mornarska Kapa Buy Track ( 0.94)
6. Cabernet Pa Na Taxi Buy Track ( 0.94)
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