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Ichisan & Nakova
"Yugo Tempo"

Ever wanted to hear what kids of the 70's/80's living in Tito's Yugoslavia went on to create?

Ichisan and Nakova (aka Igor and Jure) hail from the fine country of Slovenia. Over the past few years the pair have steadily been carving out a name for their unique style of nu disco, called Yugo Disco. The Ichisan solo records have won praise from DJs and the public alike; as you would expect here at Nang towers we are extremely pleased to be able to present their debut album event ,'Yugo Tempo'.
The albums DNA is proudly Yugoslavian, right from the soul, imagery and groove down the nuances and timings of the instrumentation and the track titles. If you ever wanted to hear what kids of the 70's and 80's living in Tito's Yugoslavia went on to create when their experiences were spliced with todays disco sound, then this is the album for you.
The albums lead track and recent single 'Pionir' (named after Tito's 'Pioneers' the red- kerchief donned, youth movement) brims with optimism and uplifting groove in equal measures. Tracks such as 'Dr Roman', 'Detektivka' and 'Tarantela' gleam with intrigue and soundtrack kitsch as if from a 70's spy thriller.
The album is also rich in Balkan instrumentation and influence with tracks such as 'Pesem Za Dinar' and title track 'Yugo Tempo' displaying their homespun rhythms and sounds. Other tracks such as 'Mediteran', 'Valhala' and 'Filter 57' take a more direct route to the disco-scape those being synth, bass & guitar led, floor filling stuff indeed.
'Yugo Tempo' was released on Nang Records on 25th May, which was most appropriate as it was a Yugoslavian national holiday (Tito's Birthday / "Dan Mladosti" / "Youth Day")

All tracks written and produced by Igor Skafar and Jure Plestenjak except 'Pesem Za Dinar' written by Tadej Hrusovar, Dusan Velkavrh and Deco Zgur.
Mixed by Gregor Zemljic and Ichisan & Nakova @ Earresistible studio.
Mastering by Gregor Zemljic @ Earresistible studio (
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) & (C) 2010 Nang Records

1. Pionir Buy Track ( 0.94)
2. Mediteran Buy Track ( 0.94)
3. Vikler Vlasta Buy Track ( 0.94)
4. Radiodifuzija Buy Track ( 0.94)
5. Filter 57 Mild Buy Track ( 0.94)
6. Tarantela Buy Track ( 0.94)
7. Valhala Buy Track ( 0.94)
8. Banana Split Buy Track ( 0.94)
9. Detektivka Buy Track ( 0.94)
10. Pesem Za Dinar Buy Track ( 0.94)
11. Yugo Tempo Buy Track ( 0.94)
12. Dr. Roman Buy Track ( 0.94)
13. To Je To Buy Track ( 0.94)
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