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Space : Fasten Seat Belt
Space : Ballad For Space Lovers
Space : Tango In Space
Space : Flying Nightmare
Space : Magic Fly
Space : Velvet Rape
Space : Carry On, Turn Me On
Space : Prison
Space : Let Me Know The Wonder
Space : Running in The City
Space : Air Force
Space : Baby's Paradise
Space : Deliverance
Space : Deeper Zone
Space : Inner Voices
Space : Space Media
Space : Mixed Up
Space : On the Air
Space : Love Starring You And Me
Space : Robbots
Space : Tender Force
Space : Magic Fly (2009 Re-master)
Space : Running In The City
Space : Just Blue
Space : Carry On Turn Me On (2009 Re-master)
Space : Tango In Space
Space : Air Force
Space : Prison
Space : Flying Nightmare
Space : Deliverance
Space : Fasten Seat Belt
Space : Symphony
Space : Robbots
Space : Inner Voices
Space : Save Your Love For Me
Space : Magic Fly (2009 Remastered Version)
Space : Just Blue (Ichisan's Quatro Diversion)
Space : Fasten Seat Belt (Sare Havlicek Mix)
Space : Tango In Space (Bottin Remix)
Space : Air Force (King DJ Remix)
Space : Carry On Turn Me On (Bottin Remix)
Space : Prison (D-Pulse Remix)
Space : Mixed Up (Bottin & Loudery's Halo Halo Version)
Space : Tender Force (Rusty Egan Remix)
Space : Deliverance (Foto's Boulevard Of Dreams Mix)
Space : Running In The City (Ilya Santana Remix)
Space : Flying Nightmare (Acos Coolkas Version)
Space : Save Your Love For Me (Extended Disco Mix)
Space : Tango In Space (Bottin Mix)
Space : Deliverance (Original)
Space : Deliverance (Justus Köhnckes 'Wild Pitch' Mix)
Space : Deliverance (The Love Supreme Hard Disko Remix)
Space : Deliverance (The Heels Of Love Mix)
Space : Deliverance (Justus Köhnckes 'Take Me Places' Mix)
Space : Flying Nightmare (Acos Coolkas Remix)
Space : Deliverance (Justus Köhncke Ring-A-Ding Mix)
Space : Magic Fly (Record Shack Mix)
Space : Carry On Turn Me On (Record Shack Mix)
Space : Carry On Turn Me On (The Time and Space Machine Mix)
Space : Deliverance (Justus Köhncke Remix)
Space : Fasten Seat Belt (Sare Havlicek Remix)
Space : Magic Fly (Venice Beach Dub)
Space : Carry On Turn Me On (AN2 Remix)
Space : Magic Fly (The Orb Remix)
Space : Magic Fly (Greg Wilson & Peza Remix)
Space : Magic Fly (Richard Norris Remix)
Space : Magic Fly (Sare Havlicek Extended Version)
Space : Magic Fly (Vince Clarke Rework)

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"Just Blue"

"The synthesized love child of fellow French musicians Cerrone and Jean-Michel Jarre, Space made their mark in 1977 with "Magic Fly" not long after Jarre blasted to worldwide acclaim with his own "Oxygene." With their classic combination of lush instrumentation and electro-tweak, Space looked set to dominate the Euro-disco wave. Two years on, however, the band was still trying to recapture that glory with the release of Just Blue, and occasionally coming very close. Star-crossed with moments that touch on the sounds of both Giorgio Moroder and Meco, Space managed to churn out some eminently enjoyable if not brilliant electro-pop. Cohesively stronger on the first side (but just as enjoyable on the flip), Just Blue opens powerfully with the title track, a light disco foray complete with vocal orchestration. The beginning of "Secret Dreams," meanwhile, wouldn't have been at all out of place on an early-'70s prog album. Of course the song takes its turn back onto the path of disco synth, but the twist is delicious nonetheless. And while the moody "Blue Tears" could be the late '70s equivalent of the modern raver's chillout music, Space refuses to let that pendulum still, ending the ride with the up-tempo, epochal groover "My Love Is Music." Space serves up a consistent platter, and while it may not be the best disco to hit the dancefloors, it still captures the essence of an all-night party".
AllMusic Review by Amy Hanson

Composed by Didier Marouani
*Lyrics by Avril Giacobbi
** Lyrics by Didier Maroani & Paul Greedus
Sung by Madeline Bell
Percussions by Ray Cooper
Produced by Jean-Philippe Illiesco
Arranged by Didier Marouani & Roland Romanelli
Recorded at The Sydney Bechet Studio, Paris, France
Remastered by Andre Perriat & Jerome Corbier at Top Master
Engineered by Patrick Fraigneau
Mixed by Patrick Fraigneau & Jean-Philippe Iliesco
Art direction and design by Henry Vizcarra/Gribbitt
Illustration by Shushei Nagaoka
Inner Sleeve Design: B. Monie
Photos: Sun 7 Studio
Published by Bastien Music

1. Just Blue
2. Final Signal Buy Track ( 0.94)
3. Secret Dreams Buy Track ( 0.94)
4. Symphony Buy Track ( 0.94)
5. Save Your Love For Me Buy Track ( 0.94)
6. Blue Tears Buy Track ( 0.94)
7. My Love Is Music Buy Track ( 0.94)