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Bottin & Tinpong
"New Religion"

'Tinpong' is a collaboration between BotTIN and Swiss singer Joy FreyPONG.

These tasty masters were just gathering dust on an old hard disc in Venice but when we heard them we just had to get these gems out there.
The first of the Tinpong material is a cover version of a Duran Duran classic. Set dials to 1982, 'New Religion' is of course one of the standout tracks from the classic 'Rio' album.
The Tinpong original mix pays homage to the Duran version; a snappy 140 bpm groove with some groovy bass guitar by Bottin's buddy 'Ropie'. The slick Venetian even slips in some self played trumpet into proceedings. Joy adds layers and layers of lazy-beat sultry vocals.
On remix duty we head to South London (Brixton to be precise). New wiz on the block, Marcus Marr, does this business by smashing the song's components to small pieces and then re-assembling them in a way that we would never have thought of. The result is really quite special; a laid back dance friendly vibe crossed with a mid-period Prince groove.
The remix spotlight stays focused in London but this time veers towards the masterful hands of Pete Herbert. Ably assisted in mixdown duties by Robin 'Faze Action' Lee, they craft a big room house joey-negro style groove; stabby off beat keys, big use of the rolling bassline and jugular grabbing floor friendly drums. A dub and instrumental of his masterclass mix is also included.
Stay tuned for more Tinpong cuts coming your way on Nang in the New Year.

Tinpong are BotTIN and Joy FremPONG.
Synthesizers, guitar and trumpet by Bottin
All vocals by Joy Frempong
Electric bass and mouthharp by Ropie
Produced by Bottin in Venice Italy
Written by Le Bon, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor and Rhodes. Published by EMI Music
Track 2 Remix and Additional Production by Marcus Marr
Tracks 3,4,5 Remix & Additional Production by P. Herbert. Mixed by Robin Lee for Edge Music.
Mastered By Inline Mastering
(P) & (C) 2010 Nang Records

1. New Religion Buy Track ( 0.94)
2. New Religion [Marcus Marr Remix] Buy Track ( 0.94)
3. New Religion [Pete Herbert Remix] Buy Track ( 0.94)
4. New Religion [Pete Herbert Dub] Buy Track ( 0.94)
5. New Religion [Pete Herbert Instrumental] Buy Track ( 0.94)
6. New Religion [Instrumental] Buy Track ( 0.94)
7. New Religion [Marcus Marr Remix Radio Edit] Buy Track ( 0.94)
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