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The Korvids
"Beach Coma"

The Korvids are a Glasgow Collective, spearheaded by producer & Echo And The Bunnymen guitarist Gordy Goudie & Thomas Or

They marry a love of disco with the influence of Deodato, Axelrod, CSNY, Bernard Hermann, Miles and anything else that takes their fancy.
For their debut release here at Nang we are pleased to present the Sun-drenched proto-classic "Beach Coma". How many lyrics can you make out of the letters B,E,A,C,H,C,O,M,B,E,R ? give it a go and then take a listen. The original mixes in darting acoustic guitars and disco bass guitar over sun-washed pads and layers of Balearic summertime groove.
When it comes to Ibiza and Summertime and remixes you may as well aim for the top of the tree. Cafe Del Mar resident and creator of the famous "Cafe Del Mar" series of compilation CDs Jose Padilla steps up to the plate for his Balearic sundown re-rub. Jose focuses in on the pads and guitars and covers all beach party angles.
This being Nang and it being summertime of course we have a pied-piper trail of remixers on the case. Naberezhnye Chelny in Tartasan in Russia may reach -16 degrees C in the winter but come Summer it is a balmy 25c. Just Balearic enough for Olej, our first remixer, to become uber inspired in the remix department. He turns in a stomper of a remix which brings out the nu-disco grooves in abundance. Audio Luxury is next on the case. He takes things on a slight more electronic and synthy detour, with bags of vocoder and stabby pads.
Next we head back to the UK for Blue Azure who deliver dance floor led housier feel. Ilya Santana (from The Canary Islands) lowers the groove to a chilled-island-evening-time mix pace before getting all Slo-mo on us in the 2nd half of his remix . Things finish off back on a dance floor groove with the Allovers taking a disco house slant on the original.
Beachcoma already features on two of summer compilations; Real Ibiza 8 and Nangs version own Beach Disco 6. The Korvids are currently hard at work in a totally-tropical Glasgow on their debut album. Stay tuned.

Written and Produced by The Korvids
Published by Copyright Control
(P) and (C) 2015 Nang Records

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8. Beach Coma [Allovers Retouch] Buy Track ( 0.94)
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